UniCredit Services SCpA / UniCredit Services ScpA - Facility Specialist

01075 Graduate

  • Location IT Torino
  • Working Type Full Time
  • Data rilascio 03/04/2019

Job Scope

Job description

Main activities:

• Verify and oversee the activities of both regular maintenance contractors (for buildings and plants) as well as contractors tasked with specific services (janitorial, etc.);

• Carry out the planning, budgeting and coordination of the execution of non-routine maintenance activities, with particular reference to the properties owned by the Group;

• Supervise the execution of the activities required by laws and regulations and the proper management of the documentation relating to each property managed;

• Plan and execute various activities related to transformation or implementation of projects requested by clients in properties managed by the Group;

• Actively collaborate in initiatives (data collection, monitoring, plant settings, etc.) aimed at saving energy and reducing energy consumption;

• Collaborate in any activities related to the valorization (sales, active leasing, etc.) of assets owned by the Group;

• Analyze the potential of the properties under Group management in order to maximize the value and plan any potential activity related to sales/leasing/income generation etc.

In particular, the candidate:

• will act as the final interface for users of properties under Group management. In this capacity, he/she must play an active role in the identification/prevention of possible problems, in the identification of possible solutions, and in the identification of initiatives designed to reduce operational costs;

• will coordinate real estate projects related to emergency maintenance or transformation, including complex situations which may involve multiple sites

• will be required, regardless of professional background, to provide support and work training for his/her team.


What we expect from you

• Collaboration and team work aptitude

• Efficiently communicate verbally and writing

• Fluent English (written and spoken)

• Good knowledge of MS Office suite

• Problem solving

• Degree in Engineering



Livello formazione



Area description

Real Estate Italy & Logistics offers commercial, technical and administrative real estate services for the Group; it supports the lead group in the management and optimisation of the portfolio of property owned for strategic and non-strategic assets; it manages and optimises the Real Estate budget in terms of cost and investments and promotes and controls property transactions and projects carried out by the other Legal Entities of the Group.

In particular, Real Estate Italy & Logistics is responsible for defining a global strategy of expansion, investment and disinvestment for the properties of the Group in order to generate value from the assets in the managed portfolio and coordinate the global property strategy, ensuring that it is applied to the expansion and investment initiatives of all the Legal Entities.

Real Estate Italy & Logistics is further responsible for the planning and provision of facility management services with the aim of maintaining the efficiency and operative continuity of the property assets and provides administration services for the properties.

Finally Real Estate Italy & Logistics is responsible for planning, defining, executing and monitoring all the activities required by Legislative Decree No. 81 at Group level, with regard to the protection of worker health and safety.